About Us

FuDaChi.Com Pty. Ltd. is an organization dedicated to providing the best in personal technology sales and support. Offering retail sales of computer hardware, software, personal digital devices, gaming and entertainment platforms and accessories, FuDaChi.Com caters to a rapidly growing and diverse range of clients. Established in 2002, our business has significantly expanded over the past decade, a rate of growth we expect to maintain for some while to come. 

Our principle advantage lies in our service-oriented strategy, focused on assisting users with their purchases rather than simply relegating them to use a call-centre based service. This gives us a distinct edge over many of our competitors who are larger general technology retailers. Where these businesses have limited or no support for their customers after they leave the store, we pride ourselves on our ability to maintain supportive relationships with our clients who have questions or problems. This customer retention approach ensures that we have many loyal return clients. 

Facilitating our operations is a number of premises and a full complement of sales and service equipment. Furthermore, in addition to physical shops, we maintain an extensive online presence, utilising channels such as eBay and an official website. This gives us unparalleled access to an audience who are increasingly using digital means to execute their purchases. Of course, nothing compares to one-on-one sales consultation and advice from a physical store, and we invest an equal amount of time and attention in our store premises. 

To provide these many services, we are comprised of a dedicated team of IT professionals, friendly and knowledgeable sales personnel and experienced managers. Having a large skill set to work from allows us to function at our fullest, both at the operational and administrative levels. That’s why we fully engage in the training process for our new employees. To support our growing business, we are currently looking at employing additional staff from abroad. We also believe this will boost the diversity of our workplace, fostering creativity and productivity.