Creative Sound BlasterAxx SBX 8 USB Speaker - SB1380

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Creative Sound Blaster Wireless
Customise your movie, music and game audio with the comprehensive suite of included software. Click here for a larger version.

A whole new generation of Sound Blaster

We have combined the legendary audio quality of Sound Blaster and our high-performance wireless speakers into one revolutionary product. The Sound BlasterAxx's range of products will not only transform the way you experience your music, movies and games, but also how you communicate in your voice calls. Together with its accompanying software suite, Sound BlasterAxx range of products brings to you a whole new level of engagement and interactivity with your devices.

Driven by the multi-core SB-Axx1 High Performance Sound and Voice Processor Sound BlasterAxx comes with the Sound BlasterAxx Control Panel -- a PC and Mac software that lets you control and customise all your audio.

Innovative and intuitive design

Sound BlasterAxx's "Stacked Stereo Acoustic Design" combines two speaker drivers vertically into one chassis, making it not only space-saving and aesthetically pleasing, but delivers a great stereo experience as well. Easily access the main functions using the intuitive, touch-sensitive control panel, which is conveniently located at the top.

Key Features

Creative SoundblasterAxx SBX 8
Powered by SB-Axx1

SB-Axx1 is a completely new DSP chip based on the world's best multi-core audio processor, the SoundCore 3DTM. This new highly advanced chipset elevates audio performance to amazing new levels. The multi-core SB-Axx1 is an advanced audio effects processor that improves the audio experience of your computer in a call, watching a movie or listening to music, with dramatically superior audio quality.

Creative SoundblasterAxx SBX 8
High quality built-in microphone

The mic is highly sensitive to your voice. It picks up your voice even when you’re walking around a room, with no drop in loudness and voice quality. It listens, adapts and is smart enough to know the difference between your voice and the ambient sounds around you, and by using CrystalVoice Technology it is able to cancel them out ensuring that you are always heard clearly.

Creative SoundblasterAxx SBX 8
Innovative speaker design

Looking at the needs of the modern person living in smaller homes and apartments we developed the Stacked Stereo Acoustic Design. By taking two speakers and combining them into one housing this patent pending design takes up minimal space and still delivers a great stereo experience.

Creative SoundblasterAxx SBX 8
You're always heard

With the Smart Volume Management feature enabled, your voice can be picked up even when you're speaking from the other end of the room - with no drop in volume or voice quality perceived by the listener. You're free to move around while still engaged in a conversation.

Creative SoundblasterAxx SBX 8
Big sound from a USB connection

Be amazed by the impressive sound and thumping bass generated by a device that is powered only by a mere USB connection. This is made possible by the highly energy-efficient circuitry that's being incorporated within the intelligent amplifier design.

Creative SoundblasterAxx SBX 8
Voice communications

When connected to your PC or Mac during a VoIP call, Sound BlasterAxx's CrystalVoice Technology delivers clear in-call voice pick-up, even in noisy environments and lets you communicate in a whole new way. You're no longer bound to your computer seat nor have a phone stuck to your ear during voice calls. What's more, all communication is maintained in unbelievable clarity.

Creative SoundblasterAxx SBX 8
Only noise-free, crystal clear calls

Enjoy crystal clear conversations even in noisy environments. CrystalVoice's noise reduction and echo cancellation features mean you'll always be heard clearly as unwanted background noise such as that from a nearby vacuum cleaner or hairdryer is being eliminated.

Creative SoundblasterAxx SBX 8
No more rude shocks

Never miss anything again when you're watching your movies, or fall off your seat at an unexpected explosion. Adjust settings that let you hear barely audible movie dialog, or conversely, subdue sudden high-volume events so that you won't wake the whole family in the middle of the night. Easily access the main functions using the intuitive, touch-sensitive control panel, which is conveniently located at the top

Creative SoundblasterAxx SBX 8
Customise your movie, music and game audio

We've included a comprehensive suite of software for both your computer and smart device that will enable you to get the most out of your Sound BlasterAxx. Experience superb audio realism and stunning 3D surround effects in your movie and gaming audio with SBX Pro Studio.

Creative SoundblasterAxx SBX 8
Go ahead, have fun!

Take on another persona and surprise someone in a voice call. CrystalVoice FX enables your voice to be altered on-the-fly with a variety of effects, creating interesting accents, or be made to sound like a completely different person. For PC users, we've included the "What U Hear" plugin for the Sound BlasterAxx Control Panel, which lets you record a mix of your karaoke track and your voice as you sing along with the track.